Events from week beginning 9th January

Wednesday 11th January 2012

  • High court judges decision for the St Paul’s camp and Bank Of Ideas cases – now on Monday 16th.
  • AMURT will provide Food distribution in the evening at St Paul’s food tent, with delicious vegetarian food.

Sunday 15th January 2012

Beyond Capitalism discussion
Join Dada and various other speakers at Bank Of Ideas between 11am – 4pm.


On Friday 6th January 2012 our PROUT tent was dismantled and packed away. We haven’t forgotten or will ignore the Occupy London movement.

What’s the next stage of Occupy London? On at least Wednesday 11th January the high court judge will give their decision on the case for eviction of tent city camp on St Paul’s Churchyard and the Bank Of Ideas.

Will there will be a momentum to keep the movement going?

Lets keep our eyes open, see what part we can play in Occupy.

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New year all for 2012.
Lets see what society brings us in 2012.
After all the Occupy Movement has got many talking and interested in what’s going on in society, it has opened people’s eyes to what’s going on.

I’m hopeful that there are many of us who won’t stand back and let society dictate to us, we have to be able to show courage. Together we can form a better collective and become a bigger force!

New Years celebration at PROUT tent
For new years celebrations, we had a music evening with various musicians performing at the PROUT tent.

Followed by chanting a mantra for an hours build up from 11 until midnight.
We were joined by many members of the public who were passing by on their walk to the fireworks by the river.

Food distribution and chanting St Paul’s tent city 28th December

This Wednesday we prepared a vegetarian meal and served to over 150 people at the food tent at St Paul’s tent city food tent and Finsbury Square. We accompanied this with chanting a mantra first inside the tent, then around the camp including on the steps of St Paul’s.

We were joined by a few who enjoyed the music, singing, guitar and drums.

We had many happy faces both from the food and music.

If you wish to help us get food, prepare the food (off site in Stoke Newington) or serve the food at St Paul’s or Finsbury Square you can get in touch on our contact page.


Food distribution and music 21st December at St Paul’s

This Wednesday we prepared vegetables and rice to serve to the public at the food tent at Tent City next to St Paul’s cathedral.

We provided a meal to nearly 200 people who were grateful for the food.
Accompanying us we had various guitarists, drummers, innovative percussion players using pan lids, bowls, jars and cutlery, whilst we chanted a mantra to bring a positive vibration and atmosphere to the people and local environment. Many people enjoyed the music and danced along including the kitchen volunteers. It was a lively event at the food tent!

Donations for food/equipment welcome:

Link to our photo album