About Us

We’re here at St Paul’s amongst Occupy London to teach the ideas and principals of an alternative economic model.
This takes into account:

  • Planet and environment – sustainability
  • People’s basic necessities: shelter, clothing, food, water
  • economic democracy – local economic decisions, deployment, procedures, movement of money
  • fair distribution of resources and wealth – can’t be greedy

So there are many ideas to be positive for, rather than focusing on the present failing, unsustainable systems of capitalism and communism.

More Information
This economic model is called PROUT (Progressive Utilisation theory).
http://www.proutglobe.org Site with various pages and articles describing PROUT
http://www.prout.org.uk New site in development with links to videos, facts and further information.
http://www.economicdemocracy.org.uk Movement for economic Democracy.

We have regular classes at the Tent City University and our tent, which are listed on calendar page.